Non-Stop Printing Machine Plastic Palletfor printing machine Hedelberg CD 102

Non-Stop Printing Machine Plastic Palletfor printing machine Hedelberg CD 102

Premium Plastic Printing Pallets for High-Volume Offset Printing: Non-stop Operation, Enhanced Durability, and Safety Features | Designed for Printing Industry Professionals

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Product name

HPPE/ PP Material Printing plastic pallet


L860* W730* H140

Static Load




Model Dimensions (L*W*H mm) Category Paper Size Compatible Printing Machines
XF8062-150 800*620*150 mm Tobacco Label Quarto Heidelberg: SM72, SM74, PM74, CD74, CX75, SX74, XL75;
Man Roland: Roland 200, Roland 300, Roland 500;
Komori: Lithrone 28, 28p;
Koenig & Bauer (KBA): Rapida 74, 74G;
Mitsubishi/Ryobi: Diamond 1000, Diamond 2000″
XF8065-160 800*650*160 mm Tobacco Label Quarto
XF8072-160 800*720*160 mm Tobacco Label Quarto
XF8265-150 820*650*150 mm Tobacco Label Quarto
XF8767-170 870*670*170 mm Tobacco Label Quarto
XF9672-150 960*720*150 mm Packaging Folio Heidelberg: SM102, CD102, CX102, SX102, XL105, 106
Man Roland: Roland 700, 600, Roland 700 Evolution (Excellence Edition), Roland 900-4;
Komori: Lithrone 40, Lithrone S40, Lithrone 40SP
Koenig & Bauer (KBA): Rapida 104, 105, 106, Rapida 106 Modified (Improved Version)
Mitsubishi/Ryobi: Diamond 3000, RMGT 10, RMGT 11
XF10476-145 1040*760*145 mm Packaging Folio
XF10476-170 1040*760*170 mm Packaging Folio
XF105076-175 1050*760*175 mm Packaging Folio
XF10675-175 1060*750*175 mm Packaging Folio
XF1208-170 1200*800*170 mm Packaging Folio Koenig & Bauer (KBA): Rapida 141, 142, 162
XF1208-190 1200*800*190 mm Packaging Folio
XF14106-170 1400*1060*170 mm Packaging Sheet
XF1612-170 1600*1200*170 mm Packaging Sheet
XF1612-190 1600*1200*190 mm Packaging Sheet
Printing Plastic Pallet
Printing Plastic Pallet

Our Plastic Printing Pallet is meticulously engineered to cater to the demanding requirements of the printing industry. It is particularly well-suited for environments where Offset Printing Pallets are crucial, supporting continuous high-volume printing processes without compromising on durability or performance.

Constructed from high-density virgin polyethylene, this pallet is designed for longevity and robust performance across a wide temperature range from -22°C to +104°C. The distinct grooves on the pallet’s surface facilitate seamless, non-stop operations, which is essential for settings utilizing Non-stop Plastic Pallet systems. These grooves enable quick and efficient paper changes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity in fast-paced printing environments.

Further enhancing its functionality, the reinforced rib design incorporates mesh-reinforced ribs at the bottom and densely packed edges. This structure significantly boosts the pallet’s structural integrity, improving its impact resistance and load-bearing capacity. This design ensures that the pallet can withstand the rigors of heavy usage in various operational scenarios, such as in printing factories, warehouses, and during ground turnover processes.

The safety of users is paramount, addressed through the pallet’s round corner design. This feature not only increases the pallet’s overall impact resistance but also minimizes the risk of injuries caused by collisions with the equipment, making it a safer choice for busy work environments.

Opt for our Printing Plastic Pallet for a sustainable, efficient solution tailored to meet the specialized needs of modern printing facilities, ensuring operational excellence with every use.


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Partnerships with Leading Global Brands

Enlightening Plast is a trusted supplier for over 30,000 leading brands worldwide, delivering quality plastic storage solutions across various industries.

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